Our Process

At Setter Construction LLC., our process begins with an initial meeting to introduce ourselves and to discuss the scope of work or feasibility. This meeting will focus on the broader picture of what we are starting with and what the hopes and expectations of the client are towards the finished product.

After the initial meeting we enter into the design phase if a customer does not already have a set of construction drawings for their project. The design phase can take several weeks to complete depending on the number of changes a design must go through to render a set of drawings that match the project expectations of the customer.

Both during and after the design phase, a customer can expect a series of follow-up meetings in the space of the project to hone in on the details of the project. These meetings will focus on more critical areas of the project i.e. Is there enough space? Is this project going to require engineering? Will the project require hazardous waste remediation? Also during these meetings, customers will be asked to think about specific material finishes that are desired as a part of their project.

Once all determinations of feasibility and budget have been made and the design is signed off on. Setter Construction LLC., will provide the customer with an all inclusive estimate for the project as agreed upon with the customer. Contracts will include pricing, material selections, payment and job schedules.

When a contract is agreed upon and signed by all parties, Setter Construction LLC., will schedule a start date with the customer and work will commence per the contract terms. At Setter Construction we take pride in quality and put it above all else. We recognize that no job goes as planned and will be their to address any issues that arise throughout the project and assure that clear and concise communication will be maintained through the completion of the project.

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