How long does it take?

  • Time is on your side with our process, we begin with an initial meeting to introduce ourselves and ensure we are the right fit for your project. We will discuss the scope of work and feasibility while focusing on the broader picture of what we are starting with and what the hopes and expectations of the client are towards the finished product. This will help us create a timeline for your project’s specific needs.  

What's the next step?

  • After the initial meeting we enter into the design phase if a client does not already have a set of construction drawings for their project. The design phase can range depending on the complexity of the project. Once all determinations of feasibility and budget have been made and the design is complete. Setter Construction LLC. will provide the client with a proposal for the project.
  • Final step, signing Contracts, these will include pricing, material selections, payment installments, along with a job schedule. When a contract is agreed upon and signed by all parties, Setter Construction LLC., will schedule a start date with the client and work will commence per the contract terms.

When Should I consider Building?

This will be determined by a number of factors, ranging from economics, to your family growing and needing that new dream home. Maybe it’s  aging in place, or making your life more energy conscious. When planning your next build, it’s all about you and when you’re ready.

When Should Involve a Builder?

It’s never too early to contact your builder,  a custom home builder should be in the picture from the day you start, to the day you end.

How long have we been building?

Founders of Setter construction and Co-owners Wesley Smith, and Austin Hauslohner have over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Establishing Setter Construction in 2017, and serving the New River Valley one project at a time.

What price point do you build at?

This part is up to you. We put elegance and care into every project, no matter the size. The details are up to you, maybe you want a Craftsman Style Ranch, or a farm house on the hill, no matter the design we can put the value into your next home.

Are there ways I can save money?

Your value is established during the design process of your build. Through our careful planning process, Setter Construction will maximize your investment to ensure lasting value and accurate budget management through your build.

How does Financing a custom home work?

There are a variety of options when considering a custom home build. Here at Setter Construction we offer a local network of lenders to help secure financing for your next project

What is a custom Builder and how are they different?

True custom home builders are local trade professionals who pride themselves on elegant one of a kind homes. We offer a unique process from design to finish that allows our clients’ voice to be heard every step of the way.

How much Involvement will I need to have?

This is where you get to take your creativity to the next level. During our design process we ask you to call the shots about what you want your project to look like. All of the finishings, colors, and details are up to you so get creative and watch your project come to life in front of you.

Do we Design?

We offer a vetted design process to help ensure that you are able to secure blueprints for your next project at hand.

Located in Dublin, VA — Serving the New River Valley